Wedding Offer

Would you like your wedding photos for free?  Want to help a photographer who loves shooting people in their most authentic selves?  Are you willing to take a bit of risk?  Then please consider having me document your Wedding or special occasion in pictures.

I will deliver to you full-sized digital photos, files, a web link for your friends and family to access your pictures, and a DVD of your special day.  All for no charge.  All I ask in return is that I can use your pictures in my portfolio.

Your family can choose to buy prints from the web link I provide, or you can just print them yourself using the .jpg files you will receive.

What's the catch?  I am not a professional photographer (at least not yet).  You can judge the quality of my work by viewing my portfolio.  There are no guarantees, either implied or express.  Professional photographers have much invested in their equipment, insurance, and even location.  I, do not.  But...I do have the drive to provide you with the best moments of your special occasion.

If you are interested, please contact using my email account.  We can discuss details.

Hope to hear from you, Andy Boruta

Wedding Portfolio

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