Summer's what?

Oh Discordia...the first summer of retirement is now over, and I am nervous.  It was very easy to keep myself happily busy during the summer months.  All those chores that you dreaded when you were working, are now welcome activities in retirement.

The gardens were weeded, the grass was watered and cut.  Pruning was a joy.  All those little projects that you do in the summer provide opportunities for review and reflection (instead of hurrying and getting them done).

The variety of summer activities required me to schedule which fun stuff I was going to do each day of the week (the morning weather report was an important decision element).

I am going to lose all that once the cold blows in.

I am already thinking about ways to mitigate this.  Photography, programming, music, and yoga are just a few of my winter plans.  But will that be enough?

Let's look at the another way...more opportunities for growth (skiing? snowshoeing? shovel driveways for money?).  Maybe some couch time may not be a bad thing, either (go Bruins).

No matter...I guess I'll just have to discover for myself, in the first winter of retirement.


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