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2016-03-22: Retirement....What!!!?

Well, it is less than 50 (business) days until I retire, so I thought I'd make this rudimentary blog to chronicle my passage into retirement (Stephen King would call it a "birth", evoking provocative emotion, but I'm not like that.

Sure...we all want to retire and do exactly what you want to do. To not have to get up at any specific time. I wonder what it is going to be like?

I am already settling into finding new things...like modifying my SmugMug site to my liking. Figured that would be as best as anyplace to start my #RetirementMan blog. Don't you want to know what it is like to be retired? More importantly, what about what it feels like just before you retire...when things are unknown.

WELL, my first revelation...work gets real easy in many ways after you make the decision. Oh yes...the detachment from your previous passion happens quickly, if not uncertainly. It is not a bad feeling. It is a relief.

They say that you have to have a plan (I'm a Project Manager, of course I have a plan, financially, socially, and physically). Having that prerequisite helps considerably. You have one of those? The fortune cookie slip is on my desk that states: "Procrastination is fear of success". Damn, that is the only fortune cookie slip I ever kept on my desk.

I am loving this position right now. I accepted. I gave myself permission (yuk, why did I include that). I won on the tie. So I prevailed, and I am less than 50 business days until I retire.

Enjoy my site as it is as I start. As I proceed through my retirement. I will keep changing this site to show you (1,000 word thing) the meaning of my blog


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