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Winter is Here

It's been a while since I posted, and lots of retirement angst encountered.  The "threat" of winter has laid heavily on my mind, as I have always been a person who likes to keep busy.  With the loss of my summer activities (golfing, gardening, laying on the beach), I have some big "time holes" to fill.

So, like the time-manager I am...I got to planning.

My first thought was: "Should I find a job"?  Yeah, I know...am I going to become one of "those people" who work after retirement (I apologize, Stacie...now I know how you must feel).  But, instead of settling for going back to what I was doing, I am looking toward tailoring my choice to my passions.  Without the onus of providing the lion's share of monetary income, I can accept less money for a job that better suits my desires at this point in life.

I have some active efforts to find that job, and I am in no hurry.  It may take some time to find the job that will make me happy in retirement, but I am determined to make the journey back into the workforce a pleasant one, and on my terms.

I have always loved to program computers.  Sure, the last time I learned something new for developing applications was many years ago, but, so what?  With the burgeoning of ways to market your applications, I may still have a couple of ideas that are marketable.  Why not try?  Android and Java...look out.  For those who are also interested in this, check out Udacity   They have some free courses that you can try, and, if they suit you, you can continue to learn (for a fee) in many different technologies.

Connecting with other people is also on my agenda.  My summer was rather selfish.  I believe I deserved to spend it exploring my attitudes and needs.  Now, I would like to see if I can draw more people into my circle of friends and acquaintances.  This is difficult for me, as I am a pretty private person, and will probably represent  the largest attempt at personal growth in a while.  What is life without a few challenges, though?

I must mention that my supervisor when I retired emailed me and invited me to the team Christmas Party.  I really am looking forward to that.

Andy Boruta#RetirementMan

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