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2016-08-02: Everything Old is New Again

No, I am not talking about my physical condition (although I have lost 15 pounds from all the newly minted physical activity), but attitudes, preferences, and things.

If you are like many of my generation, you have acquired quite a bit of "stuff". Much of the stuff you may have used briefly, but because of your busy schedule, it goes into whatever storage unit (garage, closet, knee-wall, etc.), never to be seen again...until you retire.

I have found that I seek out those forgotten opportunities, and I believe there are two motivations. First, since I thought it was a good idea at some point in time, there still be some interest (unrealized value) left over.

The second reason is both economic and attitudinal. Once you become a "spender" instead of a "saver", you think a bit more when you pull out your wallet. Sure, you may have done due diligence and know that you are solid financially, but why waste?

This is the "Value" attitude, and it is a healthy one. Get "market" value out of every dollar you spend, whether it is for food, clothing, or (especially) toys. Note that you don't always get the best value from the cheapest alternative. Sometimes what you already have holds greater value than what you are contemplating to buy (choose).

Some examples of value judgments are cars, boats, golf clubs, cameras, computers, phones, tablets, etc.. As a spender, I think a bit more about value, and whether I can be happy with what I have now than before.

It is all part of the adjustment to your new way of life. Like most things, when challenged with new experiences, we may be a bit timid at first, and then gain confidence as we go. I am sure that this also will shift attitudes as my retirement proceeds.


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