2016-07-04: Kid in a Candy Store

It's been a
month since my last day in the office. Technically, I have been "on vacation", using up the remainder of my vacation and personal time, but I did not feel on vacation, as some of my acquaintances believed I would. I knew that I was not going back...and that freed me. That ended July 1st, and now I am officially retired.

For those of you who have been following me on Twitter (@AndyBoruta), you've seen shameless selfies of me doing what I love...fishing, boating, golfing, beaching, and gardening. But I also have been cleaning, building, maintaining, cooking, laundering (not money), and working out.

Each evening, I check the weather and the calendar to see what I can do with the following day. I get to plan for myself! You start to plan forward, based on what your week looks like. For example, it is going to rain tomorrow, so I'll do some inside maintenance on my parent's house, and save Thursday (which is sunny) for golf.

You start to have a form of prioritization, filtered by the season and the weather! There are still planning challenges, even in retirement!

So what does this have to do with "Kid in a Candy Store"? For those too young to even remember a candy store, you stare at the confections in the candy case, figure out "the best" candy you can get for the money you have, and generally make the poor store clerk crazy with your youthful indecision. The "retired" version is similar, but you are the poor clerk, and the little kid. Do I want to golf, take the boat out, do a little housework? When you have your entire week to yourself, you are no longer mandated to doing the things that need to get done, either at work or at home. You can choose to do them now, or tomorrow, or the next day.

This is my most treasured "new thing" in retirement.

Of course, you have to have interests and hobbies to take the place of the time that you used to devote to working. A life of just TV and housework would be rather boring. This is a piece of advice for those thinking of retirement....Get a Life Outside Work. That, of course, is followed by Make Sure you can Afford that Life.

As I stated before , I will still continue my blog as I progress through my retirement. I will also start tweeting new revelations and surprises (follow me at @AndyBoruta). Here are a few of my shameless selfies, if you missed them on Twitter


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