2016-05-25: Swan Song

The day is here. Today, after 46 years of productive, pleasurable and profitable pursuits, I am retired. Now, I can truly claim the moniker of #RetirementMan.

As I sit here (really two days before the finality of it), I have nothing but joy in my heart, and a sincere appreciation of everything my careers have done for me. They have taught me to be industrious. They showed me the value of money, and how to use it as a tool to reach my goals. My careers socialized me. I met my wife during a lunch break.

Many of my acquaintances started from my careers, and I will cherish both the ones that will continue, and those that will fall aside. It is not just me that is moving on, but the dozens of folks I interacted with on a daily basis, each to their own ways.

This day is a great day for looking back at what I've accomplished, a kind of positive mourning. There is no regret. I look back on the positive aspects and again feel the satisfaction. The successful deployments, the good decisions (validated by time), the teams I've worked with...all still make me feel happy.

For the not-so-positive times...I learn, I learn, and I learn. Those lessons are now part of the positive. Proof I can overcome any roadblocks. My careers have given me confidence and self-esteem.

The video above is my tribute to my careers. It shows the people, events, and emotion that filled my careers. I am truly grateful.

Don't worry, I will still continue my blog as I progress through my retirement. I will also start tweeting new revelations and surprises (follow me at @AndyBoruta). I am sure that once the newness wears off, I will have many challenges and decisions to make. There is no more same-old, same-old. I will have to again look inside and determine how I want to live my life.

I can't wait!


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