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2016-05-09: Lame Duck

It is getting very close to my last day in the office. May will be the last month I will be working. I am in a very good place, right now...including all my knowledge transfer and training tasks at work.

No matter what you do...someone else has to take over for you. While many of us work in an environment where multiple folks do the same thing, no one does exactly what you do. There is almost always something that you have to "pass on" to the next person to take your job.

In my case, I've been executing this knowledge transfer plan for about a year. This is now complete.

Also, I have implemented the last phase of a seven year project in the past two weeks (this is why I have not posted for a few weeks...been spending Sundays at work).

This brings me to the topic of this post...lame duck. I can see now how a lame duck president might feel (although I am sure that there are many more short-term issues that he experiences). With my goals achieved, I notice I get less emails. I'm not getting invited to many meetings. My to-do list is empty. I have successfully trained and transferred myself out of a job.

You may think that this is sad, but it is not. If you care about your soon-to-be former employer, you have given them quite the gift. You have capped off your career with one more accomplishment.

While it is an uncomfortable feeling to be less important at your place of work...you decided to retire, and this is one more check box ticked off that list. You can leave with a clear conscience, knowing that you have done all you can to lessen the impact of your retirement on your former employer. Hurrah!


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